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About Genco Corporation

Following the destruction of Hurricane Hazel in 1954, Myrtle Beach and South Carolina’s Grand Strand experienced tremendous growth. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gray, who founded Grayco Steel Company of Myrtle Beach in 1946, established a new division to market needed products for the hospitality industry. General Chemical Company was founded in 1954, with a subsequent name change to Genco Chemicals, Inc. in 1956.  

For over 60 years, Genco Chemical, Inc. has been a leading supplier of cleaning and janitorial products to government, municipalities, healthcare, commercial and small business customers along the Grand Strand and surrounding areas. Because the Grand Strand is ever-changing, Genco has continually provided upgraded inventory and technical expertise to our valued customers. Genco’s goal is to offer its customers the finest service possible, whether it is from our knowledgeable showroom staff, dedicated sales team or loyal drivers.